Meridian Built Fertilizer Bins are the most versatile, multi-purpose hopper bins available today. Used most often to store and handle fertilizer, grain, feed and seed, their versatility extends to coal, sand and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity.


Historically, many famers view the Fertilizer Bin as too costly for anything but fertilizer storage. However, in recent years, the advantages of "smooth-wall hopper storage" has farmers everywhere saving time and money with Meridian multi-purpose bins. Now they're saying, "Wish we had bought them sooner!"

Each Meridian Built Fertilizer Bin offers heavy-duty, No Compromise construction. These tough bins are completely pre-welded, inspected, and then treated with Meridian’s Premium powder coating inside and out. The special powder chemistry allows for many years of corrosion and abrasion resistance even with fertilizer storage.

Two other versions of the premium Multi-Purpose “Fertilizer” bin are available. For commodities which won’t flow consistently, like a processed feed, a steep cone version may be required. For commodities like meals and powders, which tend to bridge and hang up, Meridian’s Series II commercial tank is required.

For those extremely corrosive products and environments like salt, Meridian offers a variety of powder chemistry options including zinc and epoxies to ensure years of trouble free storage. Contact Meridian’s sales team if you have any questions on our bins, including Series II, powder coating options and custom build requirements.


  • All welded, smooth-wall construction
  • HSS (Hollow structural steel) legs and bracing
  • Premium Rack-n-Pinion slide gate with crank
  • Full sidewall and roof ladder with retractable bottom safety section
  • 25" top opening
  • Vented Top Lid - Spring loaded and ground operated
  • Min. 40° bottom cone and 35° roof cone
  • 24" clearance under the slide gate


 Aeration Systems

  • Bottom Manway
  • Roof Manhole
  • Bin Level Indicators
  • Poke Hole
  • Ladder cage and handrails
  • Bean ladders
  • Steel Base