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Lump-buster: designed to rapidly and efficiently break up large lumps in one pass, the Sackett Lump-Buster is the best choice for use with firm lumps in high humidity conditions. Because the Lump-Buster has no screen to clean, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Available with a wide range of feed hoppers, the Lump-Buster has been very successful in taking distressed fertilizers and returning them to a marketable product.

The Lump-Buster’s low speed (58 RPM) rotor easily breaks lumps as the rotor blades impact them over the heavy-duty grate. A large by-pass area is built into the unit so on-size product can pass through the grate without being impacted by the rotor blades. This makes the unit gentler on materials, lowers horsepower requirements and speeds material flow.

Self-Cleaning: Shown at right is a model 21 Lump-Buster. The relationship between the rotor blades and grate is evident. This model has 3/8” thick rotor blades and a 3/8” thick bar gate. The opening space between the grate bars is ¾” allowing the rotor blade to clear the grate by 3/16”.

Sackett’s highly efficient “rock pick” blades grab lumps, biting and crushing them all in one efficient step. Should the blades wear down, simply reverse the rotor direction and use the opposite edge for lump breaking. A Sackett tradition, all shafts, bearings and drives are designed for heavy-duty, around the clock service.


Bulk-Conditioner:  the bulk-Conditioner de-lumps and conditions your material in one pass. Designed to handle large volume, the Sackett Bulk-Conditioner provides conditioning without product degradation. A vital link in any plant, the Sackett Bulk-Conditioner will deliver premium products your customers expect.

Sackett’s model “D” Bulk-Conditioner makes screen cleaning and replacement fast and easy. Just open the hinged door and remove the front two pins for the screen cleaning, or remove all four pins and pull the screen out through the doorway.