Tapered Vertical Auger Blender


A Precision Mix from a Blender that has a Reasonable Initial Price and a very Low Maintenance Cost. 5-6-8-10 Metric Ton Models Available

Setting the Pace in Blender Design

  • One large diameter tapered variable pitch screw does it all.
  • Only one externally mounted bearing to service.
  • Cam-Action slide gate, manual, air, electric and hydraulic.
  • 16" and 24" wide 304 Stanless Steel outload conveyors complete with enclosed take-up, "Quick-tatch' load hopper, belt and covers.
  • Standard lengths 27' and 32', other lengths availabe upon request.
  • Blender vessel, inload hopper, motor mount, belt guard, support legs and gate manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Capacity stated is in metric tons (2200#) based on 58# material.

The secret to this revolutionary blender is the large diameter tapered mixing screw. It gently, but quickly draws material into the mixing vessel from the load hopper. No feeder screw required. The fact that material is not forced around baffles or through tubes in the loading or blending process virtually elimimates product degradations. The precise, complete and quick blending action (approx. 10 to 15 sec. per ton after the vessel is loaded) takes place as a large column of material is taken from bottom to top and circulated down, while each flight of the tapered screw is gently moving material into this downward flow, creating a very intense and complete mixing action.