Your business depends on getting fertilizer applied to your customers fields and you do not have time to waste. Your window of opportunity for application is too narrow to have men or machines waiting for product.

Simonsen Fertilizer Tenders will get that fertilizer from the plant to the field and into the spreader quickly and efficiently. Your operator is applying again and your business is getting the job done.
Simonsen Tenders are built tough to provide the dependability that you demand. Stainless steel components, maximum struts and bracing, large hydraulic oil reservoir and the motor at the discharge end of the auger - out of the dirt and fertilizer.

And they have the features that you need to get the job done


Model          Length        Capacity     Hoppers

SMC3210     12 feet      10 tons             2

SMC4816     16 feet      16 tons             2

BFT5316       16 feet      17.25 tons        2

BFT6318       18 feet      20.48 tons        3

BFT8024       24 feet      26 tons             4

BFT8424       24 feet      27.3 tons          4

All BFT models are available in either side delivery or top auger models.  Capacities are based upon 65# cu. ft. product with bodies filled level full.  The number of hoppers is for a standard body.  Optional splits are available for any or all hoppers.  Optional 6" higher sides are available also.