Apache Sprayers Common Specs

FUEL CAPACITY (Diesel) 100 gallons
AXLE WIDTH 120" fixed width axle
120" - 160" adjustable axle width w/ optional hydraul. adjust
SUSPENSION Patented Independent Hydraulic
BRAKES Fully enclosed, self adjusting, internal wet disc brakes
FRONT TIRES Titan 380/80R38 (narrow and semi-float options available)
REAR TIRES Titan 380/90R46 (narrow, semi-float and full-float options available)
TRANSPORT WIDTH & HEIGHT 144" maximum each
OVERALL LENGTH 290" maximum
ET CUSTOM BOOMS Straight 80', 90' or 100'
combo 60'/80' or 60'/90'
POMMIER BOOMS Straight 120', or 132'
PRODUCT PUMP Hypro, hydraulically driven centrifugal product pump
RINSE TANK 100 gallons
ET CUSTOM PRESSURIZED 4-point fulcrum mounted cab with wrap-around glass, improved in- and out-of cab lightin and rear-hinged door